The Story of My Adoption Storybook

Like many adoptive parents, our shelves are filled with stacks of children’s books telling of the heart-felt, incredible journey of adoption. At bedtime, we’d pick a favorite or two and read to our son, Liam, to help explain how we became his forever family.

Liam loved the stories, and still does. But as inquisitive kids do, he’d paw at the pages, asking who the people in the book were. Was the little child supposed to be him? Was that lady supposed to be Mommy?

We wanted to tell Liam the story of his adoption, not someone else's.

Every family has their own story to tell. And that’s whole idea behind My Adoption Storybook.

Whether you adopted domestically or internationally, My Adoption Storybook lets you to tell the story of how your child came to be with his or her forever family. You add your details and photos to lovingly written and lavishly illustrated pages to create a book that is uniquely your own.

When we first read “The Story of Liam” to our son, he looked at us in utter disbelief. He couldn’t believe that was him in the book; that it was the story of our family, with pictures of us. He engaged in his book like no other adoption story we had ever read, and kept asking for it over and over.

Through My Adoption Storybook, we hope to share this special, intimate reading experience with all adoptive families.

Keith Miller –
Founder, Author

Keith is a former journalist and an award-winning creative writer. In his 18 years in the profession, he has honed his craft in the inspiring mountain setting of Vail, Colo., amidst the rich culture of Slovakia, and within a maze of cubicles and boardrooms of a global corporation.

With My Adoption Storybook, Keith’s passion for writing takes him on a new adventure, inspired by his love of family and the incredible journey of adoption.

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