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Through My Adoption Storybook, you can create a custom, personalized book that tells the story of your child’s adoption and how your family came together.

Beautifully illustrated pages and an engaging story – along with your details and photos – bring your book to life, making a precious reading experience with your child.

It's a treasured keepsake you'll cherish.

Four Story Versions Available

* Domestic: Open or Closed
* International: Escorted Child
   Parents Traveled

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Here's just sampling of what to expect. You're able to view your entire book before ordering!
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Step 1

1. Pick a Story

Choose from one of four storylines according to your type of adoption.

Important: Before you dive in, please read more about creating your perfect book.

Step 2

2. Customize the Pages

Create your book entirely online. Upload your photos, drag and drop them on the pages, and add your details to personalize your book.

View a list of photos that you'll need.

Step 3

3. Order Your Book

Choose a book size, then click to order. Plug in your address, payment info and some other details. Your custom, personal hard-cover adoption book will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Read more about our shipping and pricing.

Step 4

4. Share with Your Child

This is the best part. Snuggle up with your child and share the special story of how your family came together.

Lets Get Started!

Creating your custom book is a snap. Here's how it works.

Tell YOUR Story

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The goal at My Adoption Storybook is to provide an unequaled product, accompanied by superior customer service.
Parents from around the world have logged on to publish a personalized story of their family.
Here’s what a few of them had to say.

“Highly recommend!!
Our son LOVES his book, and the service I experienced with this company was absolutely outstanding!
Cannot recommend highly enough.”

– Caroline Green (United Arab Emirates)

“I read the book out loud on Christmas morning, barely getting through the tears. I look up, to find my entire family in tears! They were all so touched and overwhelmed with emotion by the personal story and just kept saying how wonderful the book is!”

- Heather W. (Denver, Colorado)