Here are some things to keep in mind as you create your book.

Take your time – My Adoptions Storybook was established with ease of use being of the highest priority, and engaged parents should expect to take at least a half-hour to complete the book. With that, it’s important to know that the more time you put into creating you book, the better the end result.

Compile your favorite photos – As loving parents, we all have hundreds – or thousands – of pictures of our families. Take your time to gather the best photos for your book (click here for the list of photos you’ll need). Finding the right photos often takes the most time in the book creation process. Once you have your photos, place them in a single folder on your computer desktop for easy access.

Avoid low-res photos – Your photos should be at least 300 dpi to print without any pixelation. With that, please know that upload times can be longer with larger photo file sizes. Please be patient; if the kids are jumping, your photos are being uploaded.

Watch those typos – Read your customized text carefully to check for typos or grammar errors. Your book will not be proofread or edited beyond what you do on your own, so be sure everything is correct. There are no refunds or exchanges for books that contain errors or typos that you enter.