Your Perfect Book

My Adoption Storybook is all about telling YOUR story. We’re your partner and consultant in creating a book you’ll cherish forever.

In personalizing your book, you are able to change ANY of the text that doesn’t fit with your story.

Although the illustrations generally cannot be altered, we can change the order of the pages, and swap a page with a car with one with an airplane if you flew to pick up your domestically adopted child.

Making it Yours

By simply logging on, you can access your entire story (with no obligation to purchase). Preview the pages by clicking through the thumbnail images at the bottom of the screen.

As you flip through the book, you’ll notice the red-highlighted text to be customized. This is just a starting point.

If there's any text you'd like to change beyond what's highlighted in red, simply send an email to with the page(s) and content you'd like to change.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a detail here and there or larger-scale revisions – we’ll work with you to make sure your delighted with your story.

Soon after, we'll reply with a notice to log back in to your account. You'll see your changes on the pages you designated. And if you have any other changes – or have tweaks to the ones we made – just shoot us another email. Easy peasy.